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Episode 01: What is the Purpose of the Economy?
Video thumbnail reads: does the economy have a purpose?
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Episode 02: What is Money and Where Does it Come From?
Video thumbnail reads: The truch about money.
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Episode 03: Money and the Economy
Video thumbnail reads: the real economy verses the money economy.
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Episode 04: The Gap
Video thumbnail reads: the lack of consumer purchasing power.
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Episode 05: The Causes of the Gap
Video thumbnail reads: why do we lack purchasing power?
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Episode 06: Conventional Methods of Dealing with the Gap
Video thumbnail reads: compensating for the lack of purchasing power.
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Episode 07: A Favourable Balance of Trade?
Video thumbnail reads: Why is a loss of goods deemed favourable?
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Episode 08: The Consequences of the Gap
Video thumbnail reads: many problems, one cause.
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Episode 09: Full Employment
Video thumbnail reads: full employment is impossible, full employment is also pointless.
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Episode 10: A National Monetary Policy
Video thumbnail reads: taking back our money system.
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