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Who Was C.H. Douglas

The People's Credit is all about spreading the good news that there are real solutions to many of the world's most complex and corrupting problems. This good news comes to us through the work of C.H Douglas (1879-1952) so it is fitting that our first feature article should be a short biography about him by Geoffrey Dobbs who knew Douglas personally.
A black and white photo of Clifford Hugh Douglas. He is smiling, wear a trench coat and a hat.

Organic Society

"In earlier times cultures were slowly grown over centuries by individuals, acting as individuals and in association with their fellows. Few lives didn’t contribute to this in some way. It might be a word, a phrase, an observation, an idea, or a technique, method, refinement or style in agriculture, tool making, husbandry, dress, song, play, or some other aspect of life. It was always democratic in the sense that what was contributed remained, only in so far as those within the culture elected to keep and adopt it. This is authentic culture as the Vox Populi, that which arises spontaneously from within and from the bottom up."
An image of a community working in their village with animals, carts and thatched roof buildings.

A Summary of Heydorn’s Social Credit Economics

If you have the time for Heydorn's Social Credit Economics, which provides the fullest and latest exposition of Douglas Social Credit, then go buy it here. If not the next best thing is this 30 page summary by Professor Ronnie Lessem.
The book cover of Social Credit Economics by M. Oliver Heydorn, Ph.D. There is a picture of balance scales with coins on one side and the Earth on the other.

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